As they say, time spent with cats is never wasted. And that’s because even though dogs are primarily considered as man’s best friend, cats are also there to make a man appreciate life even more just by letting themselves go with the flow – just as cats themselves do, most of the time anyway, as they purr and sleep and purr again after a while to ask for food and disappear to do whatever business they have and sneak back inside to sleep on the bed before you can lay your head on that pillow of yours after such a long day at work…

I know, right? But kidding aside, did you know that cats are way more than what’s mentioned above?

Well…for one, they have nine lives. And you know what else? That just goes to show how strong they truly are, maybe even stronger than the God of Thunder Thor himself when flung down in the air from a 33-story high balcony without getting injured. Then again, doesn’t this remind you of something that is equally as strong?

Yes, you read that right.

Cats are just like handy tools – being more than what people perceive them to be, doing more than what people perceive them to do.

Now, you might ask: Why is that so?

Here’s one reason why cats are just like handy tools:

  • They are always there for you. Whether you’re simply taking a breather from the hustle that is your work life or need someone to be with you as you reflect on life itself, rest assured that cats are always there for you – just like how handy tools such as those you can find on Healthyhandyman’s guide are there for you, especially when you need to unleash that creative potential of yours in order for you to make every second of your much-needed break count on something that you can use for yourself or even use to inspire other people to simply bring out the best of their creativity whenever things get a bit too overwhelming and to see the silver lining in life upon doing so.

But do you know what’s the best one out of all reasons (including the one mentioned above) why cats are just like handy tools?

It’s the fact that cats are just like handy tools when it comes to maintenance. And by this, it means that cats are truly in it for a long time – just like how handy tools are in it for as long as you need them to be in your life.