pressure washing a car

Pressure washing is an efficient way of cleaning your patios, grimy grills, leaf-stained roofs and discolored home sidings. This is a serious note. This should be handled with care. Power washing is most effective if done with the best electric power washer.

How would you take the idea of power washing your favorite buddy? To what does buddy refer to? Is it your best companion? Is it a friend? Is it your pet cat? It might give a sharp slap when you do it.  Well, the “it” here obviously states that the buddy here is not a person, it can be a car perhaps, or your favorite outdoor rocking chair.

How do you clean or bathe your car? Do you pressure wash your car? Or Do your find hand washing suitable? Remember, we are in a busy world where every second counts. Of course, you would prefer doing the less taxing , the quickest and the most efficient way. Pressure washing answers it all. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines of pressure washing a car to avoid future damage.

What are the Do’s and Dont’s in Cleaning Your Best Buddy?


  • Use a pressure washer with a long hose and wheels so that you can navigate around the car without any hassle.
  • Adjust the spray to 5-8cm wide to clean the car effectively without damaging its paint.
  • Adjust the settings of the pressure washer to keep safe the fragile areas of the car such as the windows, windshield, and lights.
  • Stand one meter away from the car if the power and width of the spray can’t be adjusted.


  • Don’t use  high spray settings on old wheels.
  • Don’t spray with open windows.
  • Don’t point the spray at panel gaps directly as there might be leaking seals of the doors.
  • Don’t use a tornado nozzle because the very strong pressure might damage the paintwork of your car.
  • Don’t point the nozzle directly at the car when you first turn it on.
  • Don’t pressure wash your car on gravel driveway.

car power washing

Your car, as your best buddy, feels loved when it comes out of the garage looking fresh and new. Pressure washing your car will strengthen your bond. Hence, it takes you less for the maintenance. It’s a give and take relationship. Perhaps, your best buddy feels your pain seeing it damaged and dirty.