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Movies That Are So Bad They Are Funny

Movies as we all know can bring us laughter, tears and suspense. But some movies just simply fail to deliver their message to the audience.

Here are some of the most notoriously bad movies of all time. So bad, they are funny.

Troll 2

The devil spawns. The wretched little men.

Those are the words that will pop up in your mind when some says “Trolls”. Yes, this movie got a lot of trolls. But not the troll the we described.

I think the more appropriate title should be “Trolled 2”. The freaking actors are so bad that nobody ever had a big project again.

The Noooooo scene will really crack your funny bone.

Mac and Me

A cheap knockoff version of E.T.

You already know what’s coming for you. It looked like a McDonalds advertisement rather than a movie. The product placements are so obvious.

The Alien looks like a shit wrapped with curtains.

Aerobicide (Killer Workout)

Haven’t watched this movie for a couple of years now. But i’m pretty sure there are still copies of this abomination.

This was supposed to be a horror/thriller movie. But what happened is it turned into comedy. The plot was like they are planning a trip to glacier national park then suddenly, while exercising, each of the freaking characters died. In the hands of the scariest thing ever made, aerobic machines.

What the hell.

There are still a lot that I have left out. Probably there’s gonna be a second part of this list. So, stay tuned! Oh yeah, then watch these shitty movies.


Top Reasons The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Was Fun

A lot of people would probably not agree with me when I say that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was fun to watch. I agree with some of the reviews I’ve read. Some parts of it were too cheesy. And at some point it felt like it didn’t quite get into what it was aiming for. But the total package was good. It was fun to watch that it still made me chuckle when I think about the guy’s whimsies. Anyone who can have such crazy fantasies is a fun person in my book.

Shy and quiet people are interesting

When I say shy and quiet, I mean it in a good way. I’m not stereotyping. I’m just saying that some people are just wired to be quietly unassuming. They seem perfectly happy to let others do the talking. And I’m cool with that. But I’ve never really thought about what’s going on in their minds. Walter Mitty is like many others I’ve met in several ways. I’ve grown used to them that I don’t usually try to make small talks. I just let them be. Now I’m curious what kind of stories they all have in their heads. I bet there are a lot of interesting things going on in there.

Fun starts in your head

Walter Mitty’s flights of whimsies show that there’s always fun to be had even just in your head. Sometimes problems can be overwhelming. It’s hard to get past the misery or whatever it is that brings you down. I’ve had my share of those kinds of moments too. I’m not for escaping reality by living in a fantasy world. But I’m all for creating mental escapades that allow me to have fun at least in my mind. That, for me, is a great start to feeling a lot happier.

Ben Stiller does Walter Mitty well

Ben Stiller did justice to the character. Clichés aside, he and his character had me laughing. The daydreams, adventures, and quips were done with so much depth it came out natural. I felt a connection with him. It was like I was the one having those crazy fantasies.

The film was a visual feast

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was a visual feast. It made his daydreams and “real” adventures mind-blowing. Those visuals during his travels made me want to see those places for real. I think the visuals are among the best things that helped the movie send its message across.

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