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Movies That Are So Bad They Are Funny

Movies as we all know can bring us laughter, tears and suspense. But some movies just simply fail to deliver their message to the audience.

Here are some of the most notoriously bad movies of all time. So bad, they are funny.

Troll 2


Too Freaking Scary!

The devil spawns. The wretched little men.

Those are the words that will pop up in your mind when some says “Trolls”. Yes, this movie got a lot of trolls. But not the troll the we described.

I think the more appropriate title should be “Trolled 2”. The freaking actors are so bad that nobody ever had a big project again.

The Noooooo scene will really crack your funny bone.

Mac and Me

A cheap knockoff version of E.T.

You already know what’s coming for you. It looked like a McDonalds advertisement rather than a movie. The product placements are so obvious.

The Alien looks like a shit wrapped with curtains.

Aerobicide (Killer Workout)

Haven’t watched this movie for a couple of years now. But i’m pretty sure there are still copies of this abomination.

This was supposed to be a horror/thriller movie. But what happened is it turned into comedy. The plot was like they are planning a trip to glacier national park then suddenly, while exercising, each of the freaking characters died. In the hands of the scariest thing ever made, aerobic machines.

What the hell.

There are still a lot that I have left out. Probably there’s gonna be a second part of this list. So, stay tuned! Oh yeah, then watch these shitty movies.


using the best scroll saw

How to Make the Finest Cuts Easy and Fun?

Serious woodworkers and DYI hobbyists work greatly with the best tool. They find satisfaction in woodworking when they are aided with the most versatile power tool in the market. The intricate cuts in materials have to be performed with great comfort and ease or else woodworking is not about beauty and perfection anymore. There is fun in woodworking. It’s not about the buzzing and the sawdust, it’s about the magnificent works of creativity and passion.

Using the scroll saws in making the complicated cutting tasks defines precision and ease of use. However, you can’t just buy the scroll saw that you desire it should be based on your woodworking DIY projects. Check the best features of the scroll saws here at  You can find in-depth reviews of the top scroll saw brands and models available in home depots.

Finding the best scroll saw in the market should be done with careful analysis and matching of its awesome features. Your desired project and the tool’s features should meet half way to make sure that you are spending your time and money wisely and that you are doing the right thing. The inappropriate cutting tool will render your efforts fruitless and will put your hard-earned money to vain. On the other hand, the most appropriate scroll saw type will offer great comfort and will give your expected products.  Moreover, when this tool is used properly, it will make woodworking more fun.

Crafting scrollwork is a great opportunity to make the finest cuts and to make woodworking a lot of fun. The amazing features of the scroll saw won’t fail your best woodworking ideas. Hence, this power saw is considered as one of the most versatile tools in making intricate cuts for embellishment and decorative purposes.  Furthermore, this quality cutting tool gives professional woodworkers and hobbyists the constructive options of cutting with greater ease and precision. Its portability and durability have enhanced the expertise of its clients as well.

When making accurate curved and edged cuts, the scroll saw is seen as the most reliable tool for the task. Great flexibility and durability are expected of the right tool. Just choose the most appropriate one as they come in a variety of sizes and features.

Great innovations of this tool have been made to reduce vibrations and to ensure stability and control while the tool is in action. The different cutting speeds of different scroll saw models allow precision and accuracy.  During the cuts, the operator will witness how flexible the scroll saw is.

Choose the best scroll saw model and brand and make it sure it fits your woodworking project or heavy-duty cutting tasks. This tool gives you a professional result if you are serious about your choice. Your best choice of a scroll saw type will make you enjoy making the finest and most intricate cuts.

Splish Splash Fun in the Pool

swimming pool

Spending quality time together in the pool is extremely fun and exciting. Stay fit and stay active together. Fantastically, you can share all the fun together anytime you want. Consider the idea of having your own pool. Imagine the fun and the laughter if the pool is just in your backyard. An above ground pool is an amazing suggestion.  I got this idea here at This website guides me on what features to consider in having an above ground swimming pool.

One of the amazing features of having an above-ground pool is you can easily transfer its location. Yes, it is portable and can be easily installed. Have one in your home now and experience the fun anytime.  Since the pool is just in your backyard, the fun in the water is unlimited.

Besides being an ultimate exercise, swimming is a peaceful relaxation.  In fact, it’s an all-over body workout which is good for all people of all ages.  Yes, the fun in the pool is suitable for any age level. This is one of the great advantages of swimming as a form of sports and recreation.

Swimming together with your family and friends will incredibly create moments for a lifetime. It’s a perfect way to gather together and share the beautiful sky while making fun in the crystal clear water in your pool. You would not regret the time you purchased an easy set above ground pool. It’s the best add-on to your property that will create a spark in your family bonding.

swimming pools

The fun in the pool will be made more meaningful if the family for the health and encourage one another to make the most of the swimming as an ultimate form of exercise.  It is a great act to stay fit and active. By making each one realize that swimming is the best way to raise awareness among your family about controlling weight gain and obesity.  By doing so, all of you will be feeling better. Support one another to achieve all your fitness goals through swimming. It’s a great bonding and a big opportunity to stay fit. It works on you and to everybody.

Bring the splish splash on, not only in summer but throughout the year. Let each one at home get the proper exercise by plunging into the clean water in your above ground pool. Repeat the splashing sound in the pool again and again and you will be making miracles in your health and well-being.

Archery is Never a Dull Moment


Archery promotes an active lifestyle. This is an art of propelling arrows with the use of the bow. Historically, the bow and arrows have been used for hunting and combat. Archery is linked to the development of the civilization.  It has greatly improved over the years as it becomes tremendously popular.  In modern times, archery is used as a competitive sport and a recreational activity. An archer is a person who is practicing archery. A toxophilite is a term used to refer to an expert in archery.

Engaging in archery is worthwhile. Continuous practice and constant tournament involvement will develop your speed and accuracy. However, your shooting skills have to be well supported by the most appropriate bow. Choose the fastest recurve bow to make every shooting moment a satisfaction.

Indeed, archery is a total package of fun and satisfaction. The enjoyment you get is worth the price of your bow. You will never regret the day you join in this sport.

There’s never a dull moment in archery. People from all walks of life love the sport. Archers of all ages have so much authentic fun with the bow. The thrill and excitement of shooting at targets keep you moving and never surrender. In missing at targets, quitting is not the game. Archers are always on the go whether with friends or with family members.

Archery is always at its best whether individual sport or team sport. You will always find the satisfaction both indoors and outdoors. You always aim for excellence once you get hold of your bow. Hitting bull’s eye is every archer’s dream. This is what keeps them going. Archery is addictive. It always pulls you to be at the shooting range making your straight shot.  There’s never a moment to spare. Interesting things are always happening in archery.


The shooting actions in archery will never betray your persistence and time. You can exert a lot on archery and likewise, archery can do a lot for you. With your persistence and aim, you can become a Champion in the Olympics or Paralympics which is within your reach.

There is really fun at shooting arrows. Archery in any form will enliven your interests to the highest level. Break up from ordinary routines now and try archery.

In closing, archery is really a lot of fun. Whether you are engaged in archery as a competitive sport or a recreation, still you will bring down the boredom in you and enjoy archery more! It’s never a dull moment. It won’t screw up your time! And, that’s sweet!

You Don’t Know Funny until You’ve Watched Cats NOT Trying to Be Funny

I don’t even know why I like cats. They can be annoying, demanding, and all kinds of frustrating. Sometimes they even come across as an ungrateful lot. I say this because I’ve done my share of cat-sitting for some friends. I’ve literally felt like a slave to these furry creatures. And yet I loved every moment of it. They can be so effortlessly funny. They have this knack of making me laugh for the most absurd reasons.

They can be mean

Cats can be wickedly mean. I mean, seriously, who’d do that to a helpless kitten? This video makes me wonder what’s exactly going on in their head when they do things like this. And it makes me wonder what all sorts of evil deeds they’re capable of. From where I’m looking the cat that pushed that poor kitty didn’t even display any hint of remorse. Now that’s what I call ruthless.

They have this thing with baths

I know that there are cats out there that actually enjoy bathing or swimming. But I’ve yet to meet one. Most of the ones I’ve seen have this aversion to water. I’ve had scratches on my arms the first time I attempted to put one of my charges in the bath. It was a lesson learned that I’m not eager to repeat.

They can be jerks

How can one be a jerk and adorable at the same time? Ask a cat. They seemed to have mastered the art. They can be supremely arrogant and heartless at times. And they’re not generous in doling out affection. But they sure are fun to be around. I’ve developed a strange fascination for their brand of meanness. They’re clearly the kings and queens of jerks.

And here’s more of them being jerks.

For all their quirks, cat’s are the best at being funny without really trying.

I’ll just leave this one here.

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