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Killer Workout

Movies That Are So Bad They Are Funny

Movies as we all know can bring us laughter, tears and suspense. But some movies just simply fail to deliver their message to the audience.

Here are some of the most notoriously bad movies of all time. So bad, they are funny.

Troll 2

The devil spawns. The wretched little men.

Those are the words that will pop up in your mind when some says “Trolls”. Yes, this movie got a lot of trolls. But not the troll the we described.

I think the more appropriate title should be “Trolled 2”. The freaking actors are so bad that nobody ever had a big project again.

The Noooooo scene will really crack your funny bone.

Mac and Me

A cheap knockoff version of E.T.

You already know what’s coming for you. It looked like a McDonalds advertisement rather than a movie. The product placements are so obvious.

The Alien looks like a shit wrapped with curtains.

Aerobicide (Killer Workout)

Haven’t watched this movie for a couple of years now. But i’m pretty sure there are still copies of this abomination.

This was supposed to be a horror/thriller movie. But what happened is it turned into comedy. The plot was like they are planning a trip to glacier national park then suddenly, while exercising, each of the freaking characters died. In the hands of the scariest thing ever made, aerobic machines.

What the hell.

There are still a lot that I have left out. Probably there’s gonna be a second part of this list. So, stay tuned! Oh yeah, then watch these shitty movies.


Why Cats Are Just Like Handy Tools


As they say, time spent with cats is never wasted. And that’s because even though dogs are primarily considered as man’s best friend, cats are also there to make a man appreciate life even more just by letting themselves go with the flow – just as cats themselves do, most of the time anyway, as they purr and sleep and purr again after a while to ask for food and disappear to do whatever business they have and sneak back inside to sleep on the bed before you can lay your head on that pillow of yours after such a long day at work…

I know, right? But kidding aside, did you know that cats are way more than what’s mentioned above?

Well…for one, they have nine lives. And you know what else? That just goes to show how strong they truly are, maybe even stronger than the God of Thunder Thor himself when flung down in the air from a 33-story high balcony without getting injured. Then again, doesn’t this remind you of something that is equally as strong?

Yes, you read that right.

Cats are just like handy tools – being more than what people perceive them to be, doing more than what people perceive them to do.

Now, you might ask: Why is that so?

Here’s one reason why cats are just like handy tools:

  • They are always there for you. Whether you’re simply taking a breather from the hustle that is your work life or need someone to be with you as you reflect on life itself, rest assured that cats are always there for you – just like how handy tools such as those you can find on Healthyhandyman’s guide are there for you, especially when you need to unleash that creative potential of yours in order for you to make every second of your much-needed break count on something that you can use for yourself or even use to inspire other people to simply bring out the best of their creativity whenever things get a bit too overwhelming and to see the silver lining in life upon doing so.

But do you know what’s the best one out of all reasons (including the one mentioned above) why cats are just like handy tools?

It’s the fact that cats are just like handy tools when it comes to maintenance. And by this, it means that cats are truly in it for a long time – just like how handy tools are in it for as long as you need them to be in your life.

Cats And Pools: The Perfect Summer Combination


Let’s face it. It’s not every day that we get a chance to take a breather from our hectic work life. But when we do get that chance, it would just probably involve us idling on the couch all day to make up for all those sleepless nights as we make reports for work the next day.

And let’s face it. It’s not every day that we get a chance to make a changer from our frantic home life. And when we do get that chance, it would just probably involve us lying on the bed all day just to make up for all those restless days as we do chores for home the same day.

Thus, it’s only right for you to consider going to the pool (or better yet, in your very own garden swimming pool) – especially with cats and during the summer months.

You see, cats are not only known to be perfect companions for when you feel sad.

They are also known to be perfect companions for when you feel happy, such as that when you finally get a much-needed breather from your hectic work life that seems to be filled with nothing, but heat and tension. Be it cuddling with them or playing with them, you can always rest assure that your heart will be filled with joy despite the warm sun shining down on your body during the summer months. But of course, let’s not forget about all those ways cats seem to make us feel relaxed like no other.

And thus, it’s only right for you to consider going to the pool – especially with cats and during the summer months.

You also see, pools are not only known to be perfect locations for when you feel afraid.

They are also known to be perfect locations for when you feel brave, such as that when you finally get a much-needed changer from your frantic home life that seems to be filled with nothing, but pressure and strain. Be it stroking with it or gliding with it, you can always rest assure that your mind will be filled with ideas despite the cool wind blowing up on your face during the summer months. And of course, let’s not forget about all those ways pools seem to make us feel rejuvenated like never before.

What do you think about cats? What do you think about pools?

What do you think about both being the perfect summer combination?

Cat in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

A Cat-Lover’s List of Must-Visit Places in the World

Cat in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Love cats and traveling? You might want to add these countries, at least the ones that may have escaped your radar, to your must-visit list. From cat islands to an army of cats protecting the treasures of a world-renowned museum, these cat-loving countries should be on every ailurophile’s travel bucket list.

1. Egypt
Cats held a special place in ancient Egyptians’ heart that harming them was considered a serious crime which is often meted out with harsh penalties. One of the famous gods of the ancient Egyptian religion was Bastet, a goddess depicted with a head of a cat and a body of a woman. The ancient cat-lovers may have long been gone, but you just have to take an Egyptian adventure and marvel at some of the country’s greatest sights like the Great Sphinx of Giza to see how felines were revered in this country

3. Japan
The birthplace of Sanrio, the Japanese company that gave Hello Kitty to the world, is one of the best-known cat-loving countries in the world. Cats have been part of the Japanese culture since the ancient times with many serving in Buddhist temples and others featured in stories and artworks. Today, Japan boasts of many attractions and reasons that draw cat-lovers from around the world. Hello Kitty, Doreamon, the famous fictional cat characters of popular animes and mangas, cat cafes, the cat islands like Tashirojima, Maneki-neko, temples dedicated to cats like Gotokuji and Imado Shrines, and the famous cat station master Tama and his successor Nitama are just some of Japan’s top cat-themed attractions.

3. Turkey
The cats of Istanbul roam freely in the city’s streets. And they are often treated with affection not just by locals but also by tourists who are charmed by many of the cats’ gentle nature. One of the residents featured in Kedi, a recent documentary film featuring Istanbul’s famous free-roaming street cats, said that, “Without the cat, Istanbul would lose a part of its soul” – a statement that says a lot about the city’s love for its cats.

Why Life with Cats Will Never Be Dull

I haven’t been able to really understand what compel people to own a cat. Judging from what I’ve seen from my cat owner friends, it seems like a full-time job with a lot of frustrations thrown in. I’ve heard them complain time and time again, but I haven’t ever seen any of them give up on their feline friends.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all the time I’ve been around cats and their owners it would be this: Cats can be a constant source of comic relief. Yes, they’ll stretch your patience well beyond its limits. Yes, they’ll make you want to give them up for adoption at some point. And yes, they’re capable of all the exasperating things imaginable. But despite all these, they’ll still have you wrapped around their paws. Because cats.

They take curiosity to new heights

Despite what the famous adage says, I still haven’t seen a cat die of curiosity. And heaven forbid that I would. Cats are just inherently curious. Have you ever experienced being followed around by a cat with its wide eyes filled with curiosity? They’ve elevated nosiness into an art form. Some of them even have this curious habit of stalking their owners in the toilet and sit there staring while their humans do their thing.

They’re funny when scared

Given the way they usually act, you’d think that cats are too heartless to even feel fear. But it looks like they can be real scaredy-cats as well, like some of us humans. This cat watching Monsters, Inc. will probably have some nightmares after this.

Cats are the boss

Cats do whatever they want. And there’s nothing their humans can do about it. Forget about owning everything in your home. Once you have a cat, it basically owns everything and the inventory starts with you. So what the cat says is the law. If it says you can’t sit on the chair, you can’t. The sooner you accept that, the smoother life will be.

Playful when they feel like it

When a cat plays, you better play with it. The rest of the time it will just ignore you. They’re also good at lending you a paw, if they think you need help. So having them around is really a sweet deal.

They hang out with the coolest friends

Cats are not always the aloof, cold-hearted, and mean pets they’re sometimes portrayed to be. They can actually be the best of friends to other furry members of the family. They can also hang out with the coolest friends. Like this little guy here.

Top Reasons The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Was Fun

A lot of people would probably not agree with me when I say that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was fun to watch. I agree with some of the reviews I’ve read. Some parts of it were too cheesy. And at some point it felt like it didn’t quite get into what it was aiming for. But the total package was good. It was fun to watch that it still made me chuckle when I think about the guy’s whimsies. Anyone who can have such crazy fantasies is a fun person in my book.

Shy and quiet people are interesting

When I say shy and quiet, I mean it in a good way. I’m not stereotyping. I’m just saying that some people are just wired to be quietly unassuming. They seem perfectly happy to let others do the talking. And I’m cool with that. But I’ve never really thought about what’s going on in their minds. Walter Mitty is like many others I’ve met in several ways. I’ve grown used to them that I don’t usually try to make small talks. I just let them be. Now I’m curious what kind of stories they all have in their heads. I bet there are a lot of interesting things going on in there.

Fun starts in your head

Walter Mitty’s flights of whimsies show that there’s always fun to be had even just in your head. Sometimes problems can be overwhelming. It’s hard to get past the misery or whatever it is that brings you down. I’ve had my share of those kinds of moments too. I’m not for escaping reality by living in a fantasy world. But I’m all for creating mental escapades that allow me to have fun at least in my mind. That, for me, is a great start to feeling a lot happier.

Ben Stiller does Walter Mitty well

Ben Stiller did justice to the character. Clichés aside, he and his character had me laughing. The daydreams, adventures, and quips were done with so much depth it came out natural. I felt a connection with him. It was like I was the one having those crazy fantasies.

The film was a visual feast

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was a visual feast. It made his daydreams and “real” adventures mind-blowing. Those visuals during his travels made me want to see those places for real. I think the visuals are among the best things that helped the movie send its message across.

You Don’t Know Funny until You’ve Watched Cats NOT Trying to Be Funny

I don’t even know why I like cats. They can be annoying, demanding, and all kinds of frustrating. Sometimes they even come across as an ungrateful lot. I say this because I’ve done my share of cat-sitting for some friends. I’ve literally felt like a slave to these furry creatures. And yet I loved every moment of it. They can be so effortlessly funny. They have this knack of making me laugh for the most absurd reasons.

They can be mean

Cats can be wickedly mean. I mean, seriously, who’d do that to a helpless kitten? This video makes me wonder what’s exactly going on in their head when they do things like this. And it makes me wonder what all sorts of evil deeds they’re capable of. From where I’m looking the cat that pushed that poor kitty didn’t even display any hint of remorse. Now that’s what I call ruthless.

They have this thing with baths

I know that there are cats out there that actually enjoy bathing or swimming. But I’ve yet to meet one. Most of the ones I’ve seen have this aversion to water. I’ve had scratches on my arms the first time I attempted to put one of my charges in the bath. It was a lesson learned that I’m not eager to repeat.

They can be jerks

How can one be a jerk and adorable at the same time? Ask a cat. They seemed to have mastered the art. They can be supremely arrogant and heartless at times. And they’re not generous in doling out affection. But they sure are fun to be around. I’ve developed a strange fascination for their brand of meanness. They’re clearly the kings and queens of jerks.

And here’s more of them being jerks.

For all their quirks, cat’s are the best at being funny without really trying.

I’ll just leave this one here.

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